October 8, 2020

The Micro Doses Branding Podcast — Deux Huit Huit makes its on-air debut

Micro Doses, this is our first Podcast experience (available in french only). This is what happens when our colleague David, brand strategist, asks the senior management of Deux Huit Huit for the for permission to work on a special project: Creating and hosting of a Podcast on Branding.

— Dave, you know that there's already a bunch of articles, podcasts and YouTube videos that cover the matter.
— Yes. I am aware.
— Have you even ever hosted a Podcast before?
— No.
— Do you own a microphone?
— Nope.
— Cool! When do we start?

That's (non-verbatim) how the initiative came to be. We're now a year later, first season in with 5 episodes of about 20 minutes each and available for your enjoyment on Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple Podcasts.

Season 01 : Branding Podcast

A brand is not a logo. Yes, but still!
As we know, brands are now ultra-aware of their image, their values, their culture and their reputation. We, the consumers, are more wary than ever of marketing ploys. Above all, we are very concerned about the brands we choose to love.

So how do you build a brand? A good brand? How complex can that be? Who is involved in the design? What is the process behind all of this? With Micro Doses, it is exactly these questions that we explore, without even mentioning logos.

Mic check, One-Two… Three-Four-Five.

One : From the first seconds of the first episode, it is to the sounds of xylophones and marimbas that the season opens. It is precisely this melodious jingle that we dissect in this episode looking into Music in branding.

Two : Let’s talk about Naming. We had the guts to record a client presentation while we pitched a nominal proposal for his company. This is unprecedented - and uncensored - access to our conference room while in client-presentation-mode.

Three : We welcome Dr. Corinne Zacharyas, psychologist. With her, we approach Brand Therapy. We try to learn from her expertise. Is it possible to apply certain notions of psychology when we take our clients on a deep introspection? In this episode, you are given an overview of this process in practice as we work with our clients from Consulat to define their brand personality.

Four : We are returning to the benches of the UQAM School of Design to take the pulse of the next generation in graphic designers. Our colleague Louis confides in us just before his first semester as a design teacher. In the second part of the episode, Louis returns to us six months later, accompanied by one of his students to take stock.

Five : What is the best name for an ice cream brand: Frish or Frosh? David answers the question and tells us about the role of Phonetic Symbolism in creating a brand name. Learn how to use this secret weapon for your next par research. Whether it's to name your business, that of a client, your rugby team, or your pet.


The first season is launched. After listening to us, we would like to hear from you. Give us your feedback, opinion, comments or recommendations on Facebook, Instagram, or right here. Next season can only benefit from that.

Big thanks to Colegram for the support and collaboration as well as to OG for the patience and hard work.