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Jérémie Battaglia

A portfolio to showcase talent and inspiration


Engagement and Communication

Jeremie Battaglia is a director and photographer. He needs a portfolio and a visual identity to communicate about his work and his vision. Both on a personal and a professional level, Jeremie Battaglia is a very committed person, it is logical to provide communication tools that are adapted to this important part of his personality.


Spotlight on Personality

A website that demonstrates the talent and the projects of the director in an ergonomic and dynamic environment. A structure that evokes the personality of the creator without overshadowing his subjects. A promotional tool that evolves with him.

Go With the Flow

Home page showcases the latest realisations of Jeremie Battaglia in a dynamic and organic flow. This pace is created because images are not constrained to a restrictive format and they are positioned in various ways.

A Smart Grid

In order to facilitate updates, we have developed a smart grid that creates a harmonious ensemble with images of different formats.

Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery

Easing the navigation through the photographs with a smart photo gallery that allows the user to look at the entire collection in a glance.

Keep Discovering


Keep Discovering

Each project is followed by another in order to always offer pertinent content to the user.

B for Branding

A visual identity that evokes simplicity and presence. A new signature which symbolizes the director’s personality and point of view.