Symphony C.M.S. — Content management system

Symphony C.M.S. — Content management system

The best CMS in the World Wild Web

Versatility that is no longer to be proved

Promotional platform, e-commerce, intranet, school portal, you name it!

Symphony is an open source content manager that allows users to create and manage websites and applications of all kinds, from the smallest blog to the most complex web platforms.

Symphony CMS is trusted by large and small organizations from all over the world. Many of them you may know from Quebec.

W3C recognized and proven technologies

Symphony uses the XML marking format and its modeling language, the XSLT. This tandem forms the only standards of marking and modeling recognized by the W3C, the public body of governance of the Web. This recognition ensures the durability of these formats by protecting them from the ravages of fashion effects (because yes, even in computing there are modes ...).

Combine these with a code base in PHP, documented, and you have an absolutely open tool, based on recognized and proven technologies and can be quickly recovered by any developer.

Rugged modular foundations, inspired by the greatest successes

In programming there is a principle of the single responsibility, stating that each piece of code has to focus on only one problem. It gives the tools it permeates a modular character that generates a great versatility. In addition to Symphony, this principle has enlightened over the last four decades the development of a multitude of computer tools, some even the most fundamental to our contemporary virtual experience. Unix, for example, is based explicitly on this principle ... and Unix is at the heart of MacOS X. Oh. And also of the entire infrastructure of servers erecting Internet. No kidding.

The ultimate degree of versatility.

No other PHP-based manager can claim the degree of flexibility, malleability and customization achieved by Symphony. The key to this unmatched versatility lies not only in Symphony's modular foundations, but also, and especially, in its particular approach to interactive management.

Symphony Community

There is always someone on whom to rely

The Symphony community is plentiful and available. The Open Source philosophy of its members allows you to count on the support of a fast and high quality workforce.

Your site has 5 languages? Interesting. What if it had 186 instead?

Zulu, Faroese, Russian, Polish, no problem. Enter your multi-language content into a single entry using the Quick Access tabs. Simple, ergonomic and planetary.

Optimize your SEO

Have full metadata control for each page of your website.

Drag & Drop

Importing images can be a long and repetitive task. With a simple Drag & Drop on the download area, you will be able to accomplish this task much faster!

Google Analytics

Your statistics via your C.M.S.

Keep an eye on your Google Analytics statistics. The Symphony Administrator interface lets you view the performance of your website by including the desired data modules in your Google Analytics account.

Webmaster benefits

  • Intuitive Minimal Interface
  • Fast Content Entry
  • Urls Management
  • Content Posting Calendar
  • Custom forms
  • Metadata precision for every page
  • Built in Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Page previews
  • Multiple user access
  • Tool Tips throughout the CMS
  • Multiple user levels

Developer Benefits

  • Security
  • Data Structure management
  • XML Data Engine
  • XSLT code optimisation
  • Vast library extensions
  • No default framework
  • A community made of more than 12 000 certified programmers
  • Documentation available
  • API Content Availability

So! Ready to start?