Inspired, inspiring


Anne-Marie Chagnon

Pure Creative


A Global Vision

World-renowned Anne-Marie Chagnon is a jewelry designer with over 20 years in the field. To meet growing demand, an online store was required to showcase her collections of handcrafted products.


Attraction and Retention

Developing a website that offers an online store, an immersive journey into the different themes of the jewelry collections, as well as an explicit profile of the artist and of her social commitment.

An Online Store for both consumers and retailers

The boutique features hundreds of rings, necklaces and bracelets designed by Anne-Marie Chagnon. A filtering system allows users to find and ultimately purchase the perfect piece.

Retailers are invited to log into their account to place new orders or consult their history.

Total control of page layouts and aesthetics

Customizable Interfaces

Since the jewelry collections vary greatly in themes, website administrators are able to create unique page aesthetics for each of them.

For instance, the CMS offers the possibility of changing the colour palette, adding a background pattern, reviewing the order of layout elements, therefore, creating an evolving user interface.