Innovating to better serve patients



How do you transform 65 years of medical expertise into a digital experience for the general public?


Founded in 1952, Biron Health Group is a provider of sophisticated and comprehensive medical solutions. Today, the organization delivers prevention and treatment services to patients, doctors and organizations at 122 locations across Québec. To reinforce Biron’s growth and underscore its digital shift, we developed a new website that puts the patient at the heart of the experience.

Beyond self-diagnosis

In the era of WebMD, Google and self-diagnostic tests, the new site needed to be innovative, credible, intuitive and easy to use on any device. The platform not only had to be optimized for users of all ages and technical levels, it also needed to reflect the new Biron brand identity, allow for regular content updates and present the company’s complex offering and wide range of related services in a clear and simple format. is a comprehensive interactive experience featuring tools to help patients get informed, make appointments online and identify and record symptoms before speaking with a doctor. The site is both accessible and professional, serving to showcase the company’s expertise while reinforcing its credibility.

A digital toolkit for patients

A tool to feel better.

1. Where does it hurt?

Designed to meet the needs of today’s patients, Where does it hurt? is a fun and informative resource that helps users identify the root cause of their pain, describe symptoms using the correct terms and take steps to find relief.

02. Education Center

As part of the site’s content creation and curation strategy, the Education Center combines several resources showcasing the Biron team’s expertise.

Neat Little Guides
This collection of short and easy-to-read guides introduces patients to Biron’s many areas of specialization.

Specialist Advice
Specialists contribute educational articles written for a general audience. Complex subjects are explained in simple terms that anyone can understand.

Myth or Fact
Biron experts demystify common beliefs about health as an accessible entry point to the company’s many services.

03. Sleep disorder screening form

Treatment of sleep apnea is one of Biron’s key services. To help patients prepare for medical appointments, the five-part sleep disorder screening form generates a PDF document of preliminary results that users can share with their doctor when they discuss next steps.

04. Navigation Help

To enrich the user experience and prevent confusion, a navigation help prompt appears at the bottom of the screen if it seems like the patient may need assistance.

The prompt is generated based on specific criteria including a minimum number of pages visited, the number of searches, time on the site and scroll speed.
The navigation help is able to guide the user in almost any direction. Suggested next steps range from chatting with a specialist to filling out a screening form or sending a request to the medical team.
The navigation help tool offers assistance without becoming intrusive. It’s a flexible feature that can be adapted as the site collects user behaviour data over time.