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ICI Radio Canada - Vie de Château

Vie de Château unveils the mysteries of the famous Château Frontenac.


Discover the Château Frontenac like you've never seen it before

Created with the support of ICI Radio-Canada, Vie de Château has been developed in parallel of a documentary also named Vie de Château. Initially, the web experience was supposed to be an information support to the documentary, the web experience became it’s own entity.


Story Writing

The experience is fragmented into different chapters, rather than confine users in a chronological navigation, we have chosen to build an experience that allows users to discover Château Frontenac according their personal interest.

3D modeling

Château Frontenac’s 3D model, created by Proxy Studio, offers a breathtaking view of the architecture of the Chateau Frontenac. We believe that those moments contribute to create truly memorable web experiences.

Listening or exploring

The scroll bar is used to create a linear vertical navigation with several breakpoints. An additional horizontal navigation is added for users preferring discovery over a guided navigation. Our goal: to offer users the choice to listen to a story or to explore the history.

Customized storyline

The different types of contents overlap and intersect to offer a personalized consultation for each user. Everyone can freely navigate through the content without losing the track of the storyline.