One Drop at a time


Ensure an optimum technological integration and to properly activate the new strategic tools of One Drop, a non-profit organization.

A winning recipe

The technological contribution of Deux Huit Huit is a liquid website, 100% Responsive, with advanced technology enabled on each page. Optimal download speed was made possible by advanced techniques of cache management. The website, designed by Philippe Gauthier, Sid Lee, is the result of a rich and happy collaboration.

Listening to visitors

Because monitoring user behavior is essential, we provided One Drop a custom tool that monitors precise data associated to the video player. This custom tool allows to perfectly adapt their equipment to the expectations and preferences of their visitors.

There is no other place like home

Deux Huit Huit provides hosting on a completely dedicated server which means: more space for great contents and fewer irritants related to traffic volume. Moreover, as the website uses CloudFlare, an architecture of worldwide servers, we can improve the performance, the security, and the speed, for every user, anywhere on the planet.

Better safe than sorry

Because safety is our priority, the entire website is secured by SSL, a cryptographic protocol. Therefore, managers can make sure to provide visitors a secure platform that meets the highest standards of confidentiality.