A delectable interface



Immersing the user in good-taste

Charm the consumer by inspiring the user

How do you create a digital ode to the iconic «Riviera Petit pot»?


It is in this mindset that Rivera desires to celebrate its brand and products—by voicing genuine personality and lifestyle.

Key imperative: balance

Secure the coincidence of discovery, communication, and conversion goals through perfect harmony. It goes without saying that finding the right balance between discovery and guided experience is essential to suffice both the seductive and the informative nature of the content.


UX writing: becoming a storyteller to praise the product line amplified by the use of metaphors to guide the narrative and visual language, present the company values, and showcase the expertise.

Interactivity: considering the application of elements of gentle impact and of organic reference when developing the interactive, transitive, and animated concepts of the site to deliver an experience faithfully based in the theme of nature.

Adaptability: reflecting on the require flexibility for future campaigns by the use of chameleon-like page structures which allow manipulation of ever-changing content.


Elegance and excellence await you. Rooted family traditions, provide incentive to tell the story and exhibit the company's values. The stellar nature of the products becomes conductor to the content elements for both static and interactive components. Without betraying the commercial needs that the mandate needed to fulfill, discover is accessible and available to curious and curiousers!