Non-traditional digital showcase


The transition from a simple portfolio to a true content delivery platform.

Honorable mention

Quiet Structure

The goal of Interface Design is to support and highlight content in an optimal manner.
The site's layout gives site administrators the freedom to easily modify and create various, paced layouts. Whether a project is minimalistic or completely crazy, the arrangement of elements allows to communicate the spirit of each project.

Lead the user without screaming

Calls to action are conveyed through subtle animations. These discrete visual signals efficiently indicate which zones are active for navigation to the user. By minimising the importance of visual effects on clickable zones, picture content is predominant at all times. Navigation tools never steal the spotlight.


Artists are the bread and butter at L’Éloi.
Unmissable, the list of represented artists is proudly displayed in a purely typographical page.
The user journey was considered in order to guide the user in a continuous navigation as well as maximise the discovery of different photographers and film directors.

Performance Metrics

The augmentation of session durations and of the number of pages viewed are both performance metrics along with visits coming from outside of Canada.