For the cigar Connoisseurs


Scandinavian Tobacco Group

We have created The Connoisseurs for STG Canada, an inventive corporate magazine. Definitely not your typical intranet.


To educate and retain

Scandinavian Tobacco Group Canada wanted to revitalize its customer approach with customized and flexible communication tools.

Targeting a professional clientele, with specific browsing habits, the platform's provides a great amount of factual informations about their products.


An inspiring and favorable environment

Diverging from the initial brief to perfectly meet the needs of GTS Canada, the idea of the magazine emerges directly from the client goals.
Our solution is the perfect way to retain users and encourage repeated visits.

Variety and quality

A range of topics allows GTS Canada to provide meaningful informations on various topics while remaining consistent with its mission.

An organic attraction

A resourceful website helps to promote their products in an inspiring and positive environment.


A distinct identity

A visual identity is created to give the magazine its own personality. Emerging directly from the current logo of Scandinavian Tobacco Group, The Connoisseurs is a natural addition to the GTS family.

Performance and ergonomy

The main page, easily adjustable, provides an horizontal navigation that encourages the discovery. A pleasant experience both on mobile devices than on desktop-type devices.

The product catalog is, meanwhile, presented to showcase each item and each family individually.

A unique navigation

The platform, exclusive to customers of GTS Canada, offers its members a personalized experience focused on their specific expectations. The contents are sorted and put forward according to the user profile type. This allows GTS Canada to target certain audiences and accurately analyze its results.

Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Unexpected benefits


In addition to receiving a warm welcome from current customers, The Connoisseurs recorded a very favorable response from the STG Canada employees. They can now use the platform in order to acquire tobacco-related knowledge. A fortunate consequence that facilitates access to high-quality content.