Rediscovering the city


Ville de Montréal - Discover my neighbourhood

Discover my neighbourhood is a web experience that highlights some lesser known neighbourhoods of Montreal.


Attract & promote

Découverte de quartiers, organized by Habiter Montréal and the City of Montreal, aims to promote some of its lesser known neighbourhoods to future landowners. The event, which takes place a weekend each year, only records a small number of participants and has observed a high rate of no-show over the years. This year, Habiter Montréal decided to stimulate engagement with a website.


Arouse curiosity

It is necessary to create an environment that stimulates conversion, a website that offers a great amount of informations while giving users a taste of what they would discover during a visit. In order to maximize the reach of the core message of Habiter Montréal beyond the days of the activity, it is essential to create a website that will live throughout the year.

Environment and depth

A new dimension

Material design was the starting point for the overall design. Every graphic item is embedded in a several layers composition. Turning away from the initial concepts of Material Design, Découverte de quartiers is a much more inventive proposal.

Eliminate disruption


The website provides fluid and intuitive navigation. Disruption related to the loading of additional pages is avoided in order to provide an optimal user experience.


Serving communication goals

The use of illustrations and colour allows us to showcase various characteristics, it helps to illustrate major real-estate projects as well as conceptual characteristics. This creative choice helps to create a unique user-experience, it allows us to communicate in a much more creative way.

Some of the 750 illustrations created to design the website.